Ava Jeva Amazonia

Ava Jeva is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of the Amazonian biosphere in the department of Caquetá through the implementation of win-win solutions for all stakeholders. Ava Jeva means Araracuara in Huitoto and we always remain true to this guiding underlying principle of our engagement when implementing our projects.

Ava Jeva aims to impulse and strengthen the conservation of the department's Amazonian ecosystems through three main avenues:

conservation international

Improvement and reform of ganadería's modus operandi

Recognizing that cattle raising industry (ganadería) is the biggest vector of deforestation Ava Jeva intends to turns ganaderos into some of the main beneficiaries of the conservation of the Amazonian biosphere to incentivize their participation in concerted conservation efforts. Our comprehensive approach stresses the registration of land as a civil society nature reserve and its management according to its principles, the introduction of ayment for Environmental Services (PES), the appropriate reforestation efforts to bolster both, and the technification of production techniques. Our approach has already resulted in the signature of the Pacto Caquetá by all ganadería's stakeholders.

Development and implementation of agricultural value chains

Based on the understanding that ecosystems are one facet of complex socioecosystems Ava Jeva develops agricultural value chains that beneficiate from biosphere conservation whilst strengthening it, creating a virtuous cycle of growth and numerous local economic linkages. Our approached is based on a thorough understanding of local value chains, communities and markets and the possibilities offered by PES.

conservation projects

conservation of resources

Creation, conservation, and dissemination of knowledge

Knowledge and practical know-how are central to the accomplishment of Ava Jeva's goals. Not only do they provide the necessary basis for decision-making and enable the implementation of decisions, but additionally the dissemination of knowledge impacts the relation of the society at large with its biosphere and its conservation. Thus Ava Jeva works to disseminate the knowledge it has generated through its research as well as the indigenous knowledge it works to catalogue and preserve.

Remaining true to our inclusivity principle indigenous populations have been key stakeholders of AJA from the very beginning. Their participation always being a priority considering the profound linkages between indigenous' cultures and livelihoods and the preservation of the biosphere, as well as their unparalleled knowledge of it. This partnership has granted Ava Jeva access to rare opportunities, such as tobacco plants used for medicinal and cultural purposes or native pineapple plants, and strengthensour service provision in all areas.