Pacto Caquetá

conservation international

Comité Departamental de Ganaderos del Caquetá (Caquetá's Ganaderos Association) and The Nature Conservancy has launched a memorandum of understanding signed by all the relevant stakeholders of the ganadería and ancillary industries in Caquetá. The design and signature of the Pacto por el Caquetá is the result of a broad based consultation and the engagement of multiple stakeholders and partners.

The signatories have with their signature proclaimed their commitment to the introduction of better management practices aimed at mitigating the negative socioenvironmental impacts of the sector, especially in relation to the conservation and restoration of forests, waterways, biodiversity, and, mitigation of the effects of climate change. It has been recognized that to do so the ganaderos have to work with all the department's stakeholders to push forward for a better, peaceful, and more just society.

The Pacto received personal support from Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, President of the Republic of Colombia.